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Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga is the perfect start for the beginner.  This class allows you to become more familiar with yoga in a slow, safe, and supported way.  A gentle class is suggested for those who haven't been physically active and are looking to become more flexible and mobile while also benefitting from a sense of calm and less stress. 
Vigorous Yoga and Vinyasa Flow serve the experienced yogi.  These classes are for those who have a strong yoga foundation and want to make the most of their time on the mat.  These practices are physically challenging, high-energy, and will make you sweat! However, you will still experience a deep sense of calm and relaxation with these classes.
Yoga for All Levels is a class that allows room for both beginner and more experienced students.  Everyone will benefit from some pratapana (warm-ups), and during the rest of the practice modifications will be offered to help you intensify your practice or calm things down depending on your level of energy and physical needs.  Everyone will leave this class feeling centered, inspired, and ignited to living a richer, fuller life!  But as in all our classes, students are encouraged to go at their own pace.

Lunchtime yoga This class is the perfect way to fit a class in to your busy schedule.  Most luchtime classes are all-level which means that everyone will benefit from this practice.  All students are encouraged to go at their own pace and listen to the body.  Each class includes a centering meditation, warm-up, practice in accordance with energy level and physical needs, and rest (savasana).  We pack a lot in an hour!  Lunchtimes are drop-ins! Join us :) 
Beginner Yoga* is for those looking to start a yoga practice or really dive into the basics on a deeper level.  Please click on the tab to the left for more specific information about our beginner course offerings. 
Chair Yoga serves those who would like to achieve a greater degree of mobility, but find sitting on the floor and/or balance to be a challenge. This class is great for seniors and others with physical limitations.  Those who didn't think yoga was for them will enjoy this class.  

*Please note:  All classes without an asterisk are drop-in classes.  These are first come, first serve classes.  Space is limited for drop ins, so please arrive early to insure your spot.  Classes with an asterisk are NOT drop-in.  These classes are registered-only classes.  You must register for these classes and pay for all of them as a package.  These classes must be paid for at the time of registration.  No refunds are given if the student does not attend one or more of the scheduled classes.    If interested, please call to register or visit studio and register in-person.